mark1 [märk]
[ME < OE mearc, orig., boundary, hence boundary sign, hence sign, akin to Ger mark, boundary, boundary mark, marke, a token, mark < Gmc * marka < IE base * mereĝ-, edge, boundary > L margo, MARGIN, OIr mruig, borderland]
1. a visible trace or impression on a surface; specif.,
a) a line, dot, or other distinctive feature produced by drawing, coloring, stamping, etc.
b) a spot, stain, scratch, blemish, mar, bruise, dent, etc.
2. a sign, symbol, or indication; specif.,
a) a printed or written sign or stroke [punctuation marks]
b) a brand, label, seal, tag, etc. put on an article to show the owner, maker, etc.
c) a sign or indication of some quality, character, etc. [politeness is a mark of good upbringing]
d) a letter or figure used in schools, etc. to show quality of work or behavior; grade; rating [a mark of B in history]
e) a cross or other sign made on a document as a substitute for a signature by a person unable to write
3. a standard of quality, proficiency, propriety, etc. [failing to come up to the mark]
4. importance; distinction; eminence [a man of mark]
5. impression; influence [to leave one's mark in history]
6. a visible object of known position, serving as a guide or point of reference [a tower as a mark for fliers]
7. a line, dot, notch, etc. used to indicate position, as on a graduated scale
a) an object aimed at; target
b) an object desired or worked for; end; aim; goal
a) a person against whom an attack, criticism, ridicule, etc. is directed
b) Slang an intended victim of a swindle
10. a taking notice; heed
11. Archaic
a) a boundary, border, or borderland; march
b) among Germanic peoples in earlier times, land held or worked in common by a community
12. Naut. one of the knots or bits of leather or colored cloth placed at irregular intervals on a lead line to indicate depths in fathoms: cf. DEEP (n. 4)
13. Sports
a) the starting line of a race
b) a spare or a strike in bowling
1. to put or make a mark or marks on
2. to identify or designate by or as by a mark or marks [abilities that mark one for success]
3. to trace, make, or produce by or as by marks; draw, write, record, etc.
4. to show or indicate by a mark or marks
5. to show plainly; manifest; make clear or perceptible [a smile marking happiness]
6. to set off as distinctive; distinguish; characterize [scientific discoveries that marked the 19th century]
7. to observe; note; take notice of; heed [mark my words]
8. to give a grade or grades to; rate [to mark examination papers]
9. to put prices on (merchandise)
10. to keep (score, etc.); record
11. Soccer, Field Hockey, etc.Soccer Field Hockey etc. to stay close to in order to impede the movement of (an opponent)
1. to make a mark or marks
2. to observe; take note
3. Games to keep score
beside the mark
1. not striking the point aimed at
2. not to the point; irrelevant
hit the mark
1. to achieve one's aim; be successful in one's attempt
2. to be accurate; be right
make one's mark
to achieve success or fame
mark down
1. to make a note of; write down; record
2. to mark for sale at a reduced price
mark off or mark out
to mark the limits of; demarcate
mark out for
to select for or note as selected for
mark time
1. to keep time while at a halt by lifting the feet alternately as if marching
2. to suspend progress for a time, as while awaiting developments
mark up
1. to cover with marks
2. to mark for sale at an increased price
3. to add overhead and profit to the cost of in order to arrive at the selling price
4. to put (a legislative bill) into final form
miss the mark
1. to fail in achieving one's aim; be unsuccessful in one's attempt
2. to be inaccurate
God save the mark! or save the mark!
an exclamation of humorous astonishment, irony, contempt, etc.
wide of the mark
1. not striking the point aimed at
2. not to the point; irrelevant
mark2 [märk]
[ME marke < OE marc < ON mǫrk, a half pound of silver, mark, akin to MARK1: orig. prob. in reference to symbol on the balance, later on the silver bar]
1. a former European unit of weight for gold and silver, equal to about eight ounces
2. a unit of value orig. equivalent to about eight ounces of silver; specif.,
a) an obsolete Scottish silver coin
b) a former money of account of England
3. the former basic monetary unit of Germany, superseded in 1924 by the REICHSMARK: cf. DEUTSCHE MARK

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